Every year thousands of Spaniards choose this country attracted by its beaches, its “all inclusive”, its waters and its people. But the Dominican Republic has more things to offer the traveler, beautiful places, traditions, sports, music, gastronomy… We propose a series of places whose visit is almost mandatory.

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One of the most curious and impressive activities that you can develop in those parts is whale watching. The Dominican Republic is considered one of the best places in the world to observe these enormous mammals, and it is even possible to dive near them. Between the months of January and February, thousands of humpback whales migrate from the North Atlantic to mate off the Samaná peninsula. On the waters where numerous ships sunk in the 17th century by hurricanes or pirates rest, the ritual is simply spectacular.
Samaná is one of the most recommended areas of the island for those who prefer to travel on their own to discover paradisiacal hidden beaches, such as Las Galeras, or go scuba diving in the sonorous Cabo Cabrón. Although its best-known landscape is that of Playa Rincón, considered one of the best in the entire Caribbean: almost 3 km of white sand coves that make the intense green of the palm trees that surround them and the turquoise blue of the sea even more spectacular.

The Dominican Republic is the cradle of merengue and seeing it dance is quite a spectacle. As a curiosity, you can attend a baseball game, since it is the country that exports the most baseball players to the United States, and enjoy a different sport than what you are used to seeing. Of course, if we talk about “national sport”, the most followed there are cockfights. For the curious without many qualms and lovers of playing some money, in every city or town there is a “gallera”. The best known is the Alberto Bonetti Burgos “galling coliseum”, in the capital.

In Puerto Plata, the Brugal Rum distillery is a must. Dominican rum, less sweet than those produced in the former French colonies or elsewhere in the Caribbean, is distinguished by its elegance and well-defined aroma and body. Tasting it at sunset on the terrace of a grocery store is one of the most rewarding experiences for lovers of this drink.
Between Puerto Plata and Playa Grande are Cabarete, one of the best places in the world to practice kite surfing due to the wind and waves of up to four meters, and Río San Juan, the perfect place to practice scuba diving. In addition to its coral mountains between 6 and 50 meters deep, there is one of the best freshwater caves that exist for diving, Cueva Dudu.