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Information you need to know

Who are we?

Destiny Tours Caribbean Consist of a staff of young people from various country clubs, Spaniards, Argentines, Chileans, Dominicans and Venezuelans.

Our long experience in the industry and absolute knowledge of the country, Took us on a day to Undertake exciting adventure esta That Has Become our work.

What we offer

Without doubt, our main sign of identity is the quality we build into each and every one of the tours we organize, we offer personal attention to each and every one of our customers we are because basically we work with small groups.

Punctuality, our policy of very low prices, the familiar treatment that always accompany our guides on all tours (although you may only na couple). The quality of the photographs taken our professional photographers, photographs later used for the Free video report that was given away to each customer.

All this and more are some of the values that Destiny Tours Caribbean account.

‘We are aware of how fortunate we are to work where others come to spend their holidays !!

What should I do to reach the airport Immigration?

Arriving in Dominican Republic you will pay US $ 10 or 10 Euros in tourist card concept. Just simply fill it with the information requested and submit. The authorities sealed and delivered two receipts in exchange for payment. This copy should be kept until the end of the trip, because, before leaving the Dominican Republic, will have to redisplay it when required.

In addition to leaving the country, you must pay US $ 20 dollars or 20 Euros as a sort of exit tax.

Tell me about the beaches of the Dominican Republic, is it true that you are the most beautiful in the world?

A UN report 1968 declares the beaches of Bavaro among the best in the world. If you want white sand beaches and crystal clear waters surrounded by coconut palms, such as a Caribbean dream we recommend Punta Cana and Bavaro, El Cortecito, Bayahibe, Las Terrenas and Las Galeras. If you want to be totally immersed in nature and beaches with beautiful scenery we suggest, Barahona, Pedernales and Aguilas Bay. If you want nice beaches, but they are very close to the cities to learn about the culture and folklore of Dominicans we recommend Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Boca Chica or Juan Dolio.

Is tourism Dominican Republic's only beach, sun and resorts?

No, that’s not true. Also Cultural Tourism; We remind you that the Dominican Republic in addition to being the birthplace of America, (first city founded in America), is rich in colonial monuments that are the most important in the New World. Ecotourism: there is also a thriving eco-tourism, mountains, rivers, hot springs, sulphurous water, extreme sports, fishing. In Dominican Republic there is the highest peak of the Antilles: Pico Duarte with 3,175 meters above sea level, climbing, rafting, canopyng, fishing, etc. is practiced Business and incentive tourism Dominican republic is known for its many convention centers, conferences, seminars across the country and a high percentage of the hotels have convention centers or meeting rooms with capacity up to 3,500 people.

Can you do some excursions in other areas of the country?

Of course, we have a very rich program of sightseeing tours in each area; adventure tours, extreme, ecological, cultural, mountain, motorised, water, diving etc.

What precautions should I take when sunbathing?

If you’re going to be in the sun for a while, carry very high protection creams. Even higher than you normally use. The sun on the beach is very strong despite the sensation of heat is not high. If you are someone who all mosquitoes and other insects bite you, take without fail insect repellent, especially if you’ll be close to wetlands of some natural parks.

What electrical power works in the Dominican Republic?

The electric power is 110-120 volts at 60 Hz., Although in most hotels or resorts we could provide, it would be convenient to carry an electrical adapter plug two flat pins, American type.

hy the Dominican Republic remains the main destination in the Caribbean?

A growing economy, a tourist industry that increasingly, efficient international promotion, excellent infrastructure is renewed; international airports in each tourist area, natural resources, protected parks, as many rooms in the area, new highways and roads, tourist ports, very hospitable people, low crime rate, a large percentage of tourists repetitious.


• Dominican Republic (4.907 million arrivals)
• Puerto Rico (1.1 million arrivals)
• Cuba (2.8 million) and
• Jamaica (1.6 million).

The Caribbean islands received in 2012 more than 15.5 million tourists and thus defended its position as prime tourist destination, especially in European and global crisis despite the winter season, according to data collected at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB ).

The Dominican Republic, which arrived in 2012 more than 4.9 million tourists in figures of the Organization of Caribbean Tourism continues to lead a market whose main customer is from North America with a growing potential for European tourists and Latin Americans.


• Division: 31 provinces and the capital Santo Domingo
• Population: 9,760,000 (2013)
• Territory: 48,442 km2
• Government: Representative Democracy
• Language: Spanish, but in tourist areas almost all languages ​​spoken
• zxxxx Electricity: 110 volts and 220 volts some tourist spots.
• Religion: Catholic (90%)
• National Sport: Baseball (here called “Ball”)
• National Tree: Mahogany
• National Bird: Cigua Palmera
• National Flower: La Rosa de Bayahibe
• National Music: Merengue
• The National Stone: The Larimar
• National Joya: Amber


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