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The adventure Diver is a sub-course from the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. Have you always wanted to try the underwater digital photography, being able to identify fish or the dry suit diving? There is a large list of diving adventures that you can do while doing this program. Complete three diving adventures sessions and you will obtain the Adventure Diver certification. It is a great opportunity to work closely with an instructor in order to develop your skills and become more confident. Have a taste of what you like and enjoy diving more than ever.


Get credit! Each diving adventure session can be uses for credit for the first diving session of the PADI Specialty Diver course. If you have already done a specialty diving course, ask your instructor if you already got credit for an adventure diving session.


The PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers that are older than 10 years old and want to take the next step, should enroll in a Adventure Diver course. The Young divers can only be part of some diving session adventures. Ask you PADI Instructor.



You can choose what you want to learn. Do you need working on your buoyancy control? Try the diving adventure session for buoyancy control. Do you want to know what can you see further down? Try the Aware Adventure diving session – identification of fish and underwater naturalistic. You will plan the program with your instructor, check what you need to know and get diving quickly.



Apart from using the basic diving equipment, you will learn how to use the specialized equipment depending on your diving adventure session. For example, you will use a dry suit for the diving adventure session with dry suit or a Sidemount configuration during the diving adventure session with Sidemount. Your PADI instructor will explain what you need and can suggest any additional equipment, a diving lantern to dive at night or a lifting bag for the search and recovery diving.


Visit your local diving center to get more information about what you need for your diving adventures.



Enroll in the advance Open Water online – the eLearning option of PADI –  so you can start immediately. The online system allows you to learn one of the most famous diving adventure sessions with seven of the diving sessions at your own pace, thanks to an interactive and easy to use course. You will also have access to the online Adventure in Diving guide and can complete the sections of other diving adventure session as your PADI Instructor advise.

You can also choose to read the Adventure in Diving paper version guide and watch the Adventures in Diving video ( a book and video package). Visit your PADI Dive Center and local resort in order to enroll for the course, pick up your material and start to learn. Your PADI Instructor will meet up with you to plan the knowledge review sessions along the diving adventure sessions.


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