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The attraction of depth. There is something exciting and mysterious about exploring diving areas in deep places with a self equipment. Sometimes is a wreckage that calls your attention and is located under 18meters/60feet and the wall diving sessions you can see a sponge or gigan gorgonia. Whatever it is, you should do the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course so you can dive with trust to depth up to 40 meters  / 130 feet.


If you have the PADI Adventure Diver or superior and you are at least 15 years old, you can enroll in the Deep Diver course.



Your training starts revising the reasons for the deep diving and the importance of knowing your personal limits. During fours deep diving sessions with your instructor, you will review:

  • Specialized equipment for deep diving.
  • Planning of the deep diving sessions, procedures of contact with your colleagues and buoyancy control.
  • Manage the gas supply, deal with gas narcosis and safety considerations.
  • You can obtain academical credits for the Deep Diving course – ask your instructor.
  • Furthermore, the first diving session of this PADI Specialty Diver can be used as credit for the adventure diving session for the Advanced Open Water certification – ask your instructor about how to obtain credit.



You will need a diving computer as well as the basic diving equipment. A diving lantern and a black board are also recommended. Your PADI Instructor or the staff at the dive center can recommend any other equipment for the deep diving.



Obtain your PADI Deep Diver Crew-Paj that includes the manual guide and video when visiting your PADI Dive Center to enroll in the course. Reed the manual and watch the video before meeting your PADI Instructor to plan your adventures of deep diving.

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