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If you know how and when to use emergency oxygen is a magnificent skill and it means that you are ready to help other in case of need. Becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider will allow you to breathe calmly knowing that you can recognize diving illnesses that are treatable with emergency oxygen and you are ready to offer help.


There are no previous requirements, age restrictions or a minimum of diving sessions – it is opened to everyone. Self diversm snorkelers and anyone is close to divers – boat crew, lifeguards… will benefit of having this training.



You will learn about diving injuries, different types of emergency oxygen and safety consideration when you need oxygen. You will practice as follow:

  • Assemble and dismantle emergency oxygen equipment.
  • Configure one-way mask and the inhaler demand valve in a diver that breaths.
  • How to use a pocket mask in a diver that doesn’t breathe.



Your PADI Instructor will have various emergency oxygen equipment available for the training and your local dive center can help you to get your own unit for using after the classes. You can also need a one-way disposable mask to use it during the practical lessons that your instructor can help you to get.



Visit your PADI Dive Center to enroll in the course and obtain your PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider guide. Read the guide before the class depending of the indications on how to prepare the practical skills.

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