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Don’t miss again a diving session due to a minor issue. Whether you lost a o-ring seal, your wet suit ripped, the PADI Equipment Specialist course will teach you how to do basic repair and adjustments. You can also learn more things about the equipment operations, be more comfortable with it and be more prepared to care for your diving session.


If you are at least 10 years old and are certified as PADI (Junior) Scuba Diver o any superior level, you can enroll in the Equipment Specialist.



You will learn about the routine care and maintenance procedures as well as the maintenance of your diving equipment. Your instructor will show you how to solve problems with your equipment and also offer suggestions for its configuration. You can also dip into water or try a new equipment or one you aren’t familiar with.



Your PADI instructor can also ask you to take your diving equipment to class but will also have other samples so you can try during the training.



Check with us to enroll in the course and obtain the Recreative diving encyclopedia so you can use it as a reference during the course.

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