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The philosophy of Project AWARE is to mobilize a global force of divers and water enthusiasts who care about protecting the world’s aquatic resources and choose to make a difference – every time they dive. By obtaining the Project AWARE Specialist certification, you are aware of most of the urgent problems facing vulnerable aquatic environments and know the actions you take every day to help protect them.


Anyone interested in the aquatic world should take this course. There are no prerequisites, age restrictions or mandatory water sessions for this specialty without diving.



Through the discussions in the classroom, you learn:

  • How Project AWARE brings divers and water enthusiasts together to make a difference.
  • On environmental problems in the common oceans and coastal areas.
  • On challenges of the fishing industries and sustainability.
  • What happens with coral reefs and their inhabitants.
  • Your role in the protection of aquatic environments.



You will use the digital manual – AWARE – Our World, Our Water – available for free at, and you can start reading right now in preparation to meet with your instructor.

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