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Has it been a while ago since you last dove? Do you feel a bit outdated? The program Scuba Review is the right updating program that you need in order to update your knowledge and skills. A PADI professional will prepare you for your next PADI course and be ready for an adventure in your diving holidays.


Any certified diver can do a Scuba Review. If you may need a review, an update before a trip, a per-evaluation for a course of continuous training or just to rise to another category from a Junior diver, this course is for you.


The Scuba Review is also great for divers that have been redirected to complete the training o a PADI Scuba Diver that are preparing for the Open Water certification.


If you want to continue updating your skills, ask to experience a Discover Local Diving in your local diving shop.



You will review the important concepts about safety, diving assessing program and problem management. Your PADI professional will ask you to stand by the team and do a pre diving safety check with your colleague. In the water, you will review the basic diving exercises, emphasizing in the buoyancy control.



You will use the basic equipment, including googles, snorkel, booties, regulator, buoyancy control device and scuba cylinder. The protection that you will need depends on the pool or confined water that you may visit. The staff at the PADI Dive Center o Resort will explain other equipment that you may need for your review.



Start by registering online for the Online Scuba Tune-up course – the eLearning option of PADI- and you can start learning immediately.  The online program allows you to review the concepts at your own pace through an interactive and easy program.


You can also work through the Scuba Tuna-up Guidebook – a work book that refresh your knowledge through a short questionnaire. Stop by you PADI Dive Center or Resort to register in the Scuba Review and get your book.

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